DEMO 2016

by Piss Dogs

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Dana - Drumz & Vox
Tom- Bass
Clark - Guitar & Vox


released February 22, 2016


tags: punk Boston


all rights reserved


Piss Dogs Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Drooly Unruly
You think I'm so cute
I wanna rip your face off
lady what's your next move
I'm gonna douse that top in mud

you want me to run
well I Just wanna smell stuff
I see you trying to move
I've pulled you to a stand still

cause I'm in charge I'm in charge
I rule the fucking world
You think you've got a choice
But I'll catch that fucking squirrel

I'm a dog and I piss and I roll around in shit
judge me all you want but this is pure fucking bliss

I do what I want cause I'm a piss dog
I do what I want I'm gonna eat way past fill
I do what I want cause I'm a piss dog
I do what I want I'm gonna drag you down that hill

who's walking who
Track Name: Lab Rat
Lab Rat
your chemicals don't work on me
no fucking lab rat
if you're gonna change the way I'm made
you find another fucking way

let's make some money cause there's
nothin' they can do
let's make some money cause they
don't have a clue
we're poisoning your insides
just to make you sick
let's make some room to feed the rich

poked and prodded
on dilaudid
we'll keep feeding you lies
so you'll never realize
you're just an experiment

they think it's funny when we're
crawling out our skin
they thinks in funny when they
stick the needle in
how funny is it when we
start throwing fists
we're breaking rulez and having fits
Track Name: Go!
I've got no time to waste
it's time to fucking go
I've got not fucking place
cause I can't find a home
I don't care what you say
cause you don't fucking know
that this life is a fucking race
it's time to fucking go

I always feel like someone's chasing me down
I look around
there''s not a fucking soul
I always feel like people are pushing around me
so its time to fucking go

I wake up in my clothes
don't know where but I gotta go
All this running around is just breaking me down
it's just not fun anymore
it's time to fucking go
Track Name: Well Fed
When youre young and defeated
stand up stand up
don't eat what they feed ya
put down the chains put down the shackles
put down the baseball bats and the gavels

cause were well fed on your bullshit

the worst part of this human condition
you wonder why i've got my guard up
its for protection
don't listen them don't listen to me
you can't trust a damn thing that you see
as long as theres a fight for power
theres never gonna be any peace
Track Name: Caffeine
I had too much caffeine
I can't hardly breath
I can't stop the shaking

I can't fucking sleep
I don't wanna sleep
don't tell me to sleep
don't tell me what to do

with my eyes wide open
and my jaw wired shut
through my teeth I'll scream
this is the best day of my life
that's not fucking going anywhere
but I don't care
cause with some assistance I love how I feel
Track Name: Chew Toy
you just wanna look the part
put a guitar in your fucking hand
look at me look at me
I'm in a fucking band
I've been here long enough to know the fucking difference
you don't know what you stand for
I can smell you from a distance

you suck you're not punk

you look great but you're so fake
you make a mockery of everything that we stand for
wearing all your studs and sewn up all your clothes
when it comes down to business
you stand still at our fucking shows
Track Name: Pedal Fury (Punx on Bikez)
punks on bikes on bikes on punx
pedal fast and crank your head
puns on bikes on bikes on punx
we need food not fucking oil

we don't need your cars
we get there faster on our bikes
we're biking really far
then were gonna bike home
wheels and handle bars
the only commute that we know
don't know where you are
cause you're too fucking slow

you see us rollin in our bike gang
you could join us but you're too lazy
so you'll take the fucking train
we'll see you in a few hours
or maybe next week